About Us

Wow, we've been around so long it feels llike you should  know us already.

If not..... Welcome to our site; a family run store.

We have been online since 1999. We initially operated through our old store, Tahoe Togs, located in beautiful  Lake Tahoe, obviously.  We moved from Tahoe in 2003 and opened our new store " A Gift For No Reason"

Camille Beckman products have been our mainstay for many years. For quite a few of them we operated the web site   CamilleBeckmanOnLine.com  which we transferred to the Camille Beckman company in 2014. 

We are now located in a little beach town in Florida called New Smyrna Beach. No rush hour, no big box stores and no freeways.  Very. Nice.

Stop by and say hello or give a call or email sometime.

1129 N Dixie Fwy
New Smyrna Beach, FL        (800) 541-8647